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Contact Us - NDNS Selah Our History…and how we began

New Day-New Stand; Selah, Inc. (NDNS) was founded in December 2010 when Kelly Lewis realized there was a need for a Diversified Organization that could and would offer a high level of Safe and Secure, Quality Residential Housing while focusing on the individual needs of its Resident Clients and putting a major focus on the Lord and the keeping the Word of God as their foundation.

At NDNS we realized that the reality of life is that everyone is different and their personal issues are different, therefore, each person needs to be approached as an individual when assisting them in dealing with the circumstances which have led them to where they are in life today.

We realized that there are some people that only need a Safe and Secure, Quality place to call home and that a place was created for those people. We also realized that there are some people who need that place to call home along with assistance in dealing with their existing circumstances and creating a short-term and long term life plan to get them past where they are today and to possibly prevent future obstacles in life that can possibly be avoided. Therefore, we are offering Safe and Secure, Quality Residential Housing along with the options of assistance Physically and Spiritual with Personal Development in many different areas of life planning and coaching, both short-term and long term.

One area of importance is a high quality, clean, peaceful and chaos free living environment drug and alcohol free which allows an individual the opportunity to focus on their life whether they are just living their life or re-constructing it. Whatever point an individual is at personally, there is an opportunity at NDNS.

We stand strong on Mathew 6:33, ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God’. We believe firmly that if you seek the kingdom first you have began with the strongest step possible. Putting the Lord first in your life creates a foundational start with perfection. Not that life will be perfect, but the Lord is. Therefore, put Him first in all you do.

The first thing we do at NDNS is plant the seed of Jesus.

WE realize that most individuals are where they are in life today as a direct result of their own actions. Whether directly or indirectly. We see a need to assist these individuals in understanding and accepting that their choices are a strong determining factor  in the circumstances that they are dealing with in life today. We realize that  there is a strong need for accountability to be understood and accepted. Taking ownership, accepting the consequences and moving forward in life.

We know that they cannot change anyone. Change is a choice. Change takes Personal Initiative, Effort, Willingness, Focus, Consistency, Acceptance and Relinquishing control to allow the Lord to do what He want to do in a an individuals life. Acceptance of this is the beginning point of personal growth. Where there is resistance there is no peace. We call this Personal Development.

We cannot change anyone. We can assist them by leading, teaching, preaching, counseling and developing a life plan designed to fit the individuals life. Every person is different and is dealing with different circumstances and issues in life and every person ha a different  story to tell, therefore, every person requires something different to assist them in developing and implementing a life plan to produce growth and success during their advancement with in NDNS.

Therefore, the focus of NDNS is on diversification. We focus on whatever needs to be focused on. We base all of what they do on the Word of God. We have found that when they keep the Word of God as their foundation the initial structure is immovable.

We realize the strong need to focus on the Physical and  Spiritual well being of an individuals life. With both of the areas at a healthy level everything will start to come together as time goes by.

Some areas of counseling may be referred out.

Residential Housing - New Day-New Stand (NDNS) “Change is a Choice” Confidentiality is a Priority.